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Lactic cheese covered in olive stone ashes.

Valleoscuro is a goat cheese with lactic fermentation, which naturally lowers it’s lactose content. It is also covered in ashes proceeding from olive stones, that help preserve the cheese.

This cheese has won different prizes, the most outstanding being the Silver Medal at the 2021/2022 World Cheese Awards and the 2nd place in Best Gourmet Cheese of Spain in 2022.

Quesos y Besos is an artisan 4th generation farmhouse, specialized in lactic coagulation. Sharing the culture and importance of artisan farming and livestock wellness is very important to them and, because of their attention to it, they are able to produce goat milk of excellent quality, which leads to their stunning cheeses.

Quesos y Besos is based in Sierra Morena, south of Jaén.



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