Since 2004,

Al Sur de Granada has been striving to connect local food and wine producers with people from all around the world who are interested in a better life through gastronomy.


Here at Al Sur de Granada we only work with natural wines! This means... 


Discover our artisanal dairy products from Andalusia. The best dairy selection from our... 

  • Natural

    All our products are natural so they're all grown respecting the cycles of nature, without chemical pesticides, synthetic or transgenic fertilizers.

  • Local selection

    We try to connect local food and wine with people all around the world, that's why we select the best products of the region.

  • Ethical makers

    For us is very important to know every producer and how each of our products are made. We really care about provenience.

  • Low production

    We are quite obsessed with tiny producers and local production because we don't want to support big and massive companies.

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