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Queso Alma Calaveruela

Queso Alma Calaveruela

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Queso Alma de Calaveruela. 

Lactic coagulation, moldy rind and 10 days of curation

Calaveruela is one of the most conscious projects that we know of in regard to the welfare of its sheep. The sheep graze freely on the Monte Olivete farm, a pasture full of holm oaks where they also sow the cereals and fodder that their animals consume.

This third generation farm dedicated to agriculture, has already produced two different dairy products, all of them produced from raw sheep's milk and through a completely artisanal process.

Undoubtedly, the quality of Calaveruela milk translates into cheeses and yoghurts made with care and dedication that, as they themselves say, concentrate the territory where it is produced, the landscape and its people.

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