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Olive oil and chocolate tasting Gift Voucher

Olive oil and chocolate tasting Gift Voucher

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Dive into natural olive oil and cocoa production with a specialist!


This olive oil and bean to bar chocolate workshop will showcase the difference that high quality artisanal products have.

We will start with 4 olive oils in ceramic bowls that we will warm with our hands to get the peak notes. You will have a tasting sheet that we will go through together and discover the different tasking notes in nose and mouth.

Next the journey into how chocolate is made ands impact and importance will begin, along with tasting some lovely ethical chocolate. 

We have worked at a Cocoa farm in Brazil and we will share our experience here and its drastic difference from industrial chocolate both in flavor, morality and sustainability. 

Book now to enjoy this unique experience in Granada and get to know better the process of making the olive oil and cocoa!




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