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5 wines · 5 farmhouse tasting cheeses Gift Voucher

5 wines · 5 farmhouse tasting cheeses Gift Voucher

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When you couple natural wine with farmhouse cheese it’s really hard to fail!


A great opportunity to learn about natural wines from a wine specialist. Our farmhouse cheese is extremely special because Al Sur is one of the only stores where you can find them!

Each of the 5 natural wines will be paired with an Andalusian farm house cheese and stories to accompany  :)

The most important factor for us is the animal’s well-being and the ethics of our producers. Therefore, we put all our efforts into the selection of the best quality products.  

We are picky about our wine selection (and for good reason!) Each tasting will have a different set of wines to be sure the flavor is at its peak.

The ambience is very cozy, it feels like you’re in our own home. It is a treat that we always attract the nicest people in town to come and enjoy with us. 

We will also have 48h fermented sourdough bread, extra virgin olive oil and marcona fried almonds to have an abundant and delightful experience.


Don't doubt and book this amazing experience to savor the best Spanish cheese and wine!





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