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granja maravillas

Soft cow cheese Granja Maravillas

Soft cow cheese Granja Maravillas

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Soft cow cheese Granja Maravillas.

Granja Maravillas is a project that was born in the bosom of a cattle family from the Vega de Granada.

Their cheeses are made with 100% natural freshly milked raw cow's milk with 15 days of curing, without any type of additives or preservatives, presenting a final product of excellent quality and flavor.

Making Granja Maravillas cheeses unique, delicious and handmade.

Due to this the cheese never comes with an exact weight even if the same mold is used every time. The cure, the pressure exerted, the variety, cause subtle variation of grams in the final weight. Thus the reason why we indicate that the weight of these pieces is "approximate"

Vega de Granada

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