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El Peluso, 1988

El Peluso, 1988

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Jaén Negra, Jaén Blanca and Perruna (100-150 years old vineyards)

Tasting notes


Tastes like elegant cognac or brandy, silky, round, toffee and raisins and a tinge of smoke, the finish remains in your mouth as if you had been sucking on a caramel candy.


    Axidative aging for 32 years in open barrels

        Food pairing

        Dark chocolate, cured cheeses, white pasta, brownies, cakes


        Grapes:  Jaén Negra, Jaén Blanca and Perruna

        Wine type: Oxidative

        Region: Alpujarra, Granada 

        Cellar: Verdevique

        This wine's creation started in 1988! García de Verdevique Wines are a staple in Granada, bottled with traditional and nuanced flavors. Only 300 bottles of this wine were made. A very special bottle, would be a perfect Christmas dessert wine. Owner Alba Aponte designed the label with Verdevique making this wine especially close to our hearts. 

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