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Cauzón Ramón Saavedra

Cauzón Duende, 2022

Cauzón Duende, 2022

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750 ml


Graena, Granada, Andalucía


Bodegas Cauzón


100% Syrah


Red wine


7-day skin maceration, fermented with indigenous yeast, aged for 6 months in stainless steel and bottled without fining or filtration. Ramón introduced Syrah to Guadix. It's a tricky grape to cultivate — out of 3000 vines planted, only 1000 will survive, but those remaining are definitely worth the effort and a try.

Tastes like

Cherries, red fruits, and roses, with a very fresh acidity. It has a shiny, brilliant ruby-red color

Perfect with

Carbonara pasta, meat paella, eggplant parmigiana, pastries, cream, and fruity cakes.

abv    size    

13,9%       0,75 L     



Ramón Saavedra, of Bodega Cauzón, grew up with his family's small vineyard, just making wine for themselves. He never thought he'd end up in the wine business, so he trained as a chef instead. But then he took over the family vineyard and added more land in Sierra Nevada. Since 1999, he's been farming without chemicals. In the cellar, he keeps things simple, letting the natural flavors speak for themselves. Just native yeast, no filtering or additives, not even sulfur. Ramón's wines are all about the pure taste of the land he loves.

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