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Our intimate selection, a real pleasure to your palate. 

Enjoy this amazing wine collection with some of our gems! A sparkling, a white and a red so can delight yourself the whole night. With a cider and some of our best products, that you will never forget.


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  • L'arc 2013, 750 ml.

Sparkling white wine made by the traditional method.
Mas Gomà Winery, Catalonia.
100% Xarel-lo.
3 months on the lees. Aged for 90 months.

Elegant and silky. Fine bubbles. Slightly toasted and mineral. Fennel and citrus notes.


  • Tor 2021, 750 ml.

White wine.
Vinyologia Canor winery in Valencia.
Giró Blanc, Planta Fina, Merseguera, Moscatel, Malvasía y Trapadell grapes.
1 day skin contact. 6 months aging in inox.


  • Diabolesa 2017, 750 ml.

Red wine.
Naturi wines winery in Valencia.
Garnacha and Tempranillo grapes.
3 weeks skin contact. Aged 12 months in barrel.

Powerful, structured and elegant red wine. Cherry and black fruits notes.


  • Futur Primitiu cider "SERPS". 375 ml.

Serps is a project that makes natural cider from apples from different regions of Catalonia. Futur Primitiu is a natural cider hopped following a dry-hopping process with organic Biolupulus and Girona apples. It has floral and herbaceous aromas, is smooth and with a bitter aftertaste in the mouth.

  • Olavidia goat cheese "Quesos y besos".

Artisan goat cheese from Quesos y besos farm in Jaén. 2 years ago it won best cheese of the World and 1 year ago it won best cheese of Spain!

It  is made from lactic acid bacteria present in milk. These bacteria act on lactose (milk sugar) and break it down to lactic acid. In these cheeses, whey draining (the loss of part of the whey contained in the milk) occurs spontaneously. A real pleasure to the palate.


  • Bean to Bar  "Essenzo” chocolate bar.

Essenzo was created with the aim of offering a handmade "Bean to Bar" chocolate, professionally manufactured by Guillermo Villafáez in Galicia.

His chocolate bars are the perfect choice for chocolate lovers who value quality, respect for the environment and social responsibility. Dark chocolate, very creamy and silky, full of flavors and nuances that will make every piece you eat a real pleasure.


  • Jamón 100% Ibérico Bellota "EcoIbéricos" 100 gr.

EcoIbéricos is one of the most sustainable livestock farming projects in Spain. They only work with 80 pigs per year, which enjoy more than 750 hectares of land. The farm is located in Jabugo, Huelva and is certified organic. No additives added.


  • Extra virgin olive oil "La Cultivada" 250 ml.

La Cultivada is an agricultural and artisanal proyect, an organic extra virgin olive oil whose flavour expresses the unique character of its terroir and the richness of a living ecosystem. The best option if you want to try one of the best olive oils of Spain.


  • Rustic bowl "Sukerámica"

Susana is the artisan behind Sukerámica. Her creativity and experience can be seen in any of her amazing pieces, made from her clay studio in Maracena, Granada.

Unique pottery, each piece is different from one another. 


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