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Breakfast feast with a twist

Breakfast feast with a twist

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Start the day with our amazing breakfast feast!

Explore the local and seasonal ingredients through an ever-changing menu featuring the following: (All the ingredients are organic, fresh and local)

  • Cold pressed juice
  • Sheep milk kefir
  • Fresh seasonal fruit
  • 2 hot drinks made of specialty coffee, single farm tea, and many other options.
  • Olive oil tasting with sourdough bread
  • Sheep butter and farmhouse cheeses
  • Fried eggs with edible flowers

We create a unique atmosphere, we try to make everything as cozy as possible, so it feels like you’re in your own house. It’s funny how we always attract and call somehow the nicest people in town to come and enjoy with us.

We’re extremely hysterical with the sourcing of our ingredients, so our products come out because we’re working with the finest ingredients that the region provides us.

Book now our experience and fall in love with the Andalusian flavors. 

We hope to see you soon!

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