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Asoleo tinto, 2016

Asoleo tinto, 2016

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Uvas en Google Noto Color Emoji 15.0 Syrah 

Tasting notes


Plum, fig jam, liquory, spiced cherries, decadent 


Sundried for one week, then fermented for 2 months, then in bottle for a year 

    Food pairing

    Black cherry cobbler, candied pecans, panettone, chocolate lava cake with figs


    Grapes:  Moscatel

    Wine type: Sweet 

    Region:   Montilla, Córdoba, Andalucía

    Cellar: Marenas

    "I search the earth for the "Lost Memory" of the wines of before. A unique land, a mixture of albariza and sand, and an extreme climate, which favors a perfect maturation of the varieties; The practical absence of inclement weather is the result of completely healthy grapes vintage after vintage. In short, an ideal place to seek the maximum expression of natural wine. HEALTH..."

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