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7 wines 7 dishes tasting menu

7 wines 7 dishes tasting menu

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Try some of the most special natural wines of Spain from an expert!

You will have the chance to try some of the most limited-edition natural wines from the region (no additives added whatsoever). We will sample the most deluxe bottles in our store with retail prices ranging from around 70-150€.

These wines are extremely rare, you can only find them in 2-3 places in the world, and we're super excited to share this opportunity with you!

We carefully curate our dynamic wine selection daily, depending on the weather and the way the wine tastes, resulting in peak flavor and impact from the wine. 

7 wine gems will be paired with 7 dishes made from seasonal, natural, regional vegetables that express the Andalusian landscape. We put our heart and soul into the pairing. We’re extremely selective with the sourcing of our ingredients, so every dish from simple to complex comes out extraordinary. 

The ambiance of this tasting is cozy, and we feel fortunate to welcome people from our local community and around the globe to share in this experience.

There will be a lot of stories to share. 

This is one of a kind experience, offering a complete immersion in an artisan wine and food tasting. 

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