7 wines · 7 dishes tasting

7 wines 7 dishes tasting menu

Try some of the best and exclusive natural wines of Spain from an expert!

 You will have the chance to try
some of the most limited edition natural wines from the region (no additives added whatsoever) We will sample the most deluxe bottles in our store from retail price of around 70-150€.

 These wines are extremely rare,
you can only find them in very few places in the world, and we're super excited to share this opportunity with you!

We have a very dynamic wine curation that changes daily depending on the weather, the biodinamic calendar and how it is expressing that day, resulting in pick flavors.

 7 wine gems will be paired with 7 dishes made from seasonal, natural, regional vegetables that express the Andalusian landscape. We put our heart and soul into the pairing. We’re extremely selective with the sourcing of our ingredients, so every dish
from simple to complex comes out extraordinary. 

The ambience of this tasting is cozy.
The experience is designed to feel  like you’re in our home. We are lucky that the people who come to share with us are the nicest in town and from all over the world. 

There will be a lot of stories to share. 

This is one of a kind experience, a total immersion in the most rare and special natural wines we have access to.