Venus Pack

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From our beloved orange wine Mil Pieles, to our essential avocados, the Venus pack have our best product selection.
This pack includes delicious Picual Olive Oil from the siblings of Solo Aceite, the spicy sauce Veneno del bueno with Chirimoya, a wild clay ramekin made by the girls of Tierra de Arcillas, two cheeses: El Calar smoked goat cheese and the amazing Alma soft cheese; a jar of our home made jam, the "oh-my-god incredible" turrón bar from the guys of LØT and a chocolate with olive oil and a touch of salt from Kaitxo and Solo Aceite.

Just the perfect balance of fun, healthy and delicious goods to be shared with your beloved ones!


So, the Venus pack includes:

  • Picual Olive Oil 250 ml, SOLO Aceite
  • Veneno de Chirimoya 125ml, Salsas Sierra Nevada
  • Mil Pieles, 75cl, García de Verdevique
  • Alma sheep cheese, Calaveruela
  • El Calar smoked goat cheese
  • Homemade jam
  • Lager APA Nevada Beers
  • 1Kg Avocados
  • LAUNA/ MARGA Small bowl Nº1 Tierra de Arcillas
  • Chocolate Bean to Bar, Kaitxo x SOLO Aceite
  • Artisan LØT turrón bar