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Porcellànic Brut Natural Sparkling, 2011

Porcellànic Brut Natural Sparkling, 2011

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  • VARIETY: Xarel.lo and Macabeu.
  • METHOD: The land of this plot has not been worked for 6 years, and spiders work as the natural insecticide. Harvested in fruit days under the moon calendar with waning moon and low tide.

    Grapes were crushed at low pressure and the fermentation happens with the skins on.

    Aged for 1 month in French oak barrel.

    Once the wine is finished, they add fresh must before it is bottled. 

    Bottled in ceramic bottles to preserve it from the negative effects of the light. Technological cork (DIAM MITIK) is used to close the bottles.

    This wine is rounded up after being submerged in water vertically inside of underground clay amphorae in non negative geo biological zones. The wine will do the second fermentation there, where it will round up and very fine bubbles will grow in it.

  • CELLAR/PRODUCER: Porcellànic.
  • REGION: Penèdes, Cataluña.
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