Multicereal Seeds Bread

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Seed bread from "El Pan de Luis", 800g.

Made with sourdough, without yeast and with a fermentation process of 48 hours.

Whole wheat, whole rye, whole durum wheat.
Seeds: brown flax, black and golden sesame, pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds and walnuts.
Luis has been making his bread in El Valle de Lecrín for just over two years. His sourdough comes from the fermentation of cocoa beans from the Caribbean island of Granada. His breads are also fermented for 24 hours, to which is added another 24 hours of maturation of the sourdough. All their flours are organic, without any kind of additives, stone milled. The water used comes directly from the Sierra de Nigüelas, being recognized for its magnificent quality. The salt used is certified organic and comes from Alicante.