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Delicious Osteen variety mangoes that, in addition to making your mouth water, are characterized by:

Its oblong shape, of an intense purple color. Its average weight varies from 630 gr to 280 gr.

  • The presence of fiber in the pulp is low-moderate. You can eat them with a spoon or without hands.
  • The seed size is medium. More mango, less waste!

Our organic mangoes come from Arraigo, a fairly young family project, although working the land has been present in the family all their lives. Cultivating, for generations, olive and almond trees, or other irrigated trees such as avocado, mango or orange tree.

This change in the management and marketing of the farms is driven by Isaac, his son who has returned to the town to carry out a very necessary and important generational change. The project is located in the Los Guájares valley, a privileged cultural and landscape enclave, located in the south of the province of Granada. Forming part of the so-called Costa Tropical.

Consisting of three population centers: Guájar Fondón, Guájar Faragüit and Guájar Alto, Los Guájares are characterized by their steep streets and whitewashed houses, demonstrating their Arab origin. In fact, Guájar derives from the Arabic word “wa-run”, which means steep slope that is difficult to access.

Its geographical position, between the Sierra Nevada and just 20 km from the coast, means that it enjoys very mild temperatures throughout the year. So it is not surprising that we find a wide range of crops such as olive trees, oranges, custard apples, avocados and mangoes.

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