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Malveral, 2020

Malveral, 2020

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Uvas en Google Noto Color Emoji 15.0  100% Malvasía 

Tasting notes

fruity.   floral           

Marvelous orange, slight fizz, floral, apple, citrus 


Whole bunch pressed and skin contact of 6 days, aged in stainless steel 

    Food Pairing 

    Fried brazil nuts with hot paprika, grilled cheese sandwich with pickles 


    Grapes: 100% Malvasia 

    Wine type: Orange

    Region:  Zamora, Castilla y León.

    Content: 0,75 L

    Cellar:  Microbodega de Alumbro 

    Good times are on the way! This wine is incredible!! Drink with friends and music :D

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