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Lord 2020

Lord 2020

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  • VARIETY: Story Inored, Bruna, Crimson Crisp, Opal and Golden Muntanya apples.

  • METHOD: The Story Inored and Bruna apples have a maceration of 2 weeks to add some color and structure while Opal and Golden M are directly press. Then, they ferment all together with their wild yeasts. This cider is bottled before the first fermentation finishes to obtain a natural bubble.
  • REGION: The plots are in the Catalonia´s Pyrenees region and the cider is made in Celrà, Girona, Catalonia.
  • ARTWORK: Aitor Bigas

Lord is a natural cider form the Pyrenees. It has its own character due the extreme weather contrasts of the region. It is sweet and fruity, with delicate aromas and a very pleasant bubble thanks to the early bottling.

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