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Garnatxa, 2019

Garnatxa, 2019

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100% Garnacha  

Tasting notes

fruity     veg     

Strawberries, dry, fresh bout of bubbles. clear in color, similar smell to a traditional cava, has characteristics of a red wine even though it is a white colored bubble due to the red grape!


Blanc de Noir style (white bubbles from a red grape) fermentation finishing inside the bottle. 

Food pairing


Manchego, nuts, scallops


Grapes: Garnacha 

Wine type: Blanc de Noir bubbles

Region: Barcelona

Content: 0,75 L

Cellar: Clot de les Soleres

Unique because this sparkling wine is made with all red garnacha grapes! It comes out with a beautiful rose gold tinge. The wine had residual sugar and in efforts to combat this the wine spent the whole winter on its lees, the residual sugar becoming refermented in the bottle, creating a sparkling wine! For this Clot de les Soleres does not consider it an Ancestral wine but this is what it came to be! The perfect happy accident :)

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