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Etiopía, Shantawene

Etiopía, Shantawene

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Sensory Profile: Passion fruit, blueberries and flowers

Origin: Ethiopia

Producer: Daye Bensa

Region: Sidama

Process: Natural Anaerobic Fermentation

Varietal: Heirloom

Shantawene coffee is produced in the town of the same name by the Daye Bensa company, it offers a beautiful sweetness, a distinctive sign of its belonging to the Sidama A denomination.
Within this renowned region, Daye Bensa has been producing and collecting high-quality cherries for many years, grown in a fertile environment at an altitude of more than 2,000 m.
Shantawene coffee is certified organically grown. In the cup it reflects all the attention that Daye Bensa puts into exporting quality coffees, which highlight local know-how and the richness of the production environment.
This coffee was presented to the Spanish roasters contest organized by Aeropress Spain and we were left with this coffee as the 4th best Roaster in Spain.
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