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ELS JELIPINS- Gloria Garriga

Els Jelipins rosé

Els Jelipins rosé

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Super limited edition of Els Jelpins rosé 2021 & 2022.

We are super excited to work with Gloria Garriga, one of the best winemakers in the Spanish wine scene. We are going to be the first Spanish shop having her wines, so it's really a unique opportunity to enjoy these masterpieces. 

Her little winery is in Font-Rubí, in Alt Penedés, Cataluña. One of the most important natural wine regions in Spain.

 She started this project 20 years ago, focused on the respect of the vineyard, the 0 addition of additives or chemicals and the quality of the wine. The soul of Els Jelipins is the dream of challenging and going against the whole industrialization of the wine. 

Her wines are dramatic, they have a very vibrant tension and at the same time are pure harmony. With a very good level of acidity and minerality. In general, a pleasure to the senses.

We have a limit of 3 bottles per vintage and person, so everyone can enjoy these amazing wines!




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