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Bolivia, Las Lomas

Bolivia, Las Lomas

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Sensory profile: Mango, rose, caramel, honey, vanilla, red fruits and flowers.

Producer: Juan Carlos Mamani

Altitude: 1,541 masl

Process: Natural Varietal: Red Catuai Coffee with pronounced fruit notes and very sweet. Very striking coffee, it works in espresso and stands out in aeropress and filtered methods.


The producer: Juan Carlos Momani

Juan Carlos Momani was born in the province of Camacho. He arrived in the Yungas region in 1992 because his father was a coffee grower. In 2004 he bought his first piece of land and planted Creole coffee trees, but they were attacked by rust. After that experience he planted catuai. Juan Carlos today grows coffee to keep his family and to improve the quality of his coffee to buy more land.

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